Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wedding Card with regrat

I thought I'm super women. Konon-konon nak buat invitation card sendiri. Kelass kau Maria!

Until today not even 1 card ready. Habis la I. Nak hantar printing for sure tak sempat. Tak pe tak pe, I yakin boleh siapkan by this Sunday, print all 400 cards. Kalau tak sempat, e-card je la ok.

Aduh...mesti muka tension je gi ofis tak cukup tidor. -_-

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Wedding Ring - no drama

Life is colorful lately. That is because I start to bake again.

Last Friday we had a lunch at Juniza's house. She just had her fibroid removed. Just a short visit before heading to Clinic for HIV test.

This weekend very busy. Beside baking stuff, also shopped for paper, cutter, glue, scissor and art puncher. Yeah, I will print my own wedding card. Nope, I don't think that's crazy. Ok, fine, when things do not turn like what I want, I'll send you E-Invite.

Also got to company Bubu to Jakel. Then went grocery shopping at Cold Storage, which is my favorite place beside Confectionery Shop. I can spent hours in there and wander around. Gosh, so many things to learn and I'm so excited. I'll blog about it later.

I just got wed ring. I want a plain no stone wed ring. And tonite, for a first time ever, I want yellow gold. Actually I opt for something like Lord Of The Ring's ring, but they only have that made for men.

And after 10 minutes only, I had decided.

Me : I want this ring.
Bubu : Are you sure you want this, because this ring cost me less than quarter I paid for engagement ring.
Me : Definitely. Ok lets go catch a movie, we are late. 

Less than quarter just a beginning honey, only God knows what else you going to pay in the future (huahahah *evil laugh). Wink.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Wedding Gift

Who going to believe wedding present arrive a month before wedding.

I'm precious!

Good time bonding

As usually, every year we will arrange hamper to Mr Ng. The good thing about this year, the number of our member increase.

This year CNY together with Nomey & Ijal, we visited Mr Ng house. Because we were busy eating so picture taken. Interesting part beside various delicious food selection and angpow, is the lion dance. Serious, the lion went to every part of the house. Marvelous.

In another event, December & January had a quite makan-makan. CEO had resigned, Director of BSU division and 4 of my colleague (AJ, Zaidey, Meor & Azniza). THC makan-makan treat like 3 times, and some of my colleague we had like 4 times. 

Some of recent picture that I had.

And just last week, got chance to hang out with my beloved best friend. Not easy you know to synchronize our time. 

We had Hi Tea @ Concorde, Shah Alam and make plan to wear a hat, like watching polo match. You got the idea.

But I should know better. Not everybody have enthusiasm like me.

I hate them. Kidding.

We really have a good time and I miss them already.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

On the back burner

December last year, I had quite a vacation.

Nearly a week at Penang, another week at Phnom Penh, then another week at Bandung and closing with a little treat of a few days at Avillion PD spa.

This whole trip combine cost me like having a wedding party, or more.

Instead of having radiant glow, I have tan glow back then.